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ALTURA 2017/18
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Autor:  frank74 [ Czwartek, 6 Lipiec 2017, 21:31 ]
Temat postu:  ALTURA 2017/18

The preparations for the long races classic event start in time.
Subscriptions are already available and the rules and calendar pages have already been published ... soon as possible the whole documentation will be available.
Courses are already under test and soon the first test msps will be available.

The format of the event resembles the last edition one, with the two queen boats (ORMA_v21 and COMANCHE 100) that will divide the 10 races of the season; In the end, after a score discard for each boat, the three rankings will be drawn: two by boats and the final overall one.
But to move the format there will be three special trials that will be run on the Farr40_v2 a not big boat, but a maneuvering and generous one ... in short : a small - big boat! The resulting bonuses will be deducted from the final score.
Appointments will be scheduled as usual on Tuesday and departure time will be set 22.30 CEST (CET)

In short, as usual good fun and fair fair play with ALTURA!

Autor:  Tomiexpress [ Niedziela, 24 Luty 2019, 22:16 ]
Temat postu:  Re: ALTURA 2017/18

UWAGA !!! Skrócone linki Potencjalnie NIEBEZPIECZNE NIE KLIKAĆ

Skasowałem wpis, przed którym ostrzegał Tomek. Dzięki za czujność.

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